“Oh yes,” I said.

I moaned as his placed passionate kisses on my neck, down my collar bone. His hands traveled up my night gown and his cold hands found my breasts. I shivered. He caressed my hardened peaks as he continued to place kisses on me.

I placed my hands flat on the kitchen counter as my now bare ass press firmly against the cold dark granite tile. It was the same cold tile where Jamie and I drink our coffee and discussed our late partying over breakfast.

I sat up and placed both hands on either side of his face. I lifted it. He brought his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. He tasted like the sweet chocolatey brownie he had just stolen from his sister’s stash. It was intoxicating and I had not been kissed like this in a long time.

***Earlier that evening…

“There’s an accident on 465 S. near the airport exit…” played through my radio. I heaved a sigh. Another day with more time wasted in traffic, I thought.

“Due to the early-morning storm, traffic lights on 38th St. and Lafayette Road are now flashing red…”

“Tell me about it,” I said looking out at the sea of cars on 38th St.

I leaned back and changed the station until I found a song that I liked. As the cars moved at a snail’s pace one after the other, I decided to try and not worry about it. I had already had a long day and more stress was not what I needed. I finally found a good song and I blasted it.  I could feel stress leaving my body and I gave in to the feeling.

I began to sing as loudly and as enthusiastically as I could. I was beginning to feel my mood lift and I decided not to let this gridlocked traffic affect me. That was until I glanced to the left out of my window. In the car next to me was an incredibly gorgeous man driving an incredibly gorgeous silver Mercedes. He was about my age late 20s with a short haircut and dark brown skin.

It would have been so bad if you are not laughing. He wasn’t just laughing; he was wiping his eyes and almost doubled over.

I looked away inside. He has seen my antics in my singing and thought that was hilarious. Looks like I’m going to be frustrated and embarrassed in this traffic jam, I thought.


He began to pull down his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath his white and blue striped pajama pants. My eyes revealed to me what I was suspecting all along. He was well endowed and completely erect. He caught me staring and slowly began to stroke himself.

“What you come and give it a taste test.” He said.

I laughed.

“That was so corny. I’m sure you come up with something better than that.”

He paused to think. Then he smiled.

“I’ve got nothing.”

I climbed off the counter and knelt down in front of him. I reached down and grabbed his erection in my hands.

“Well, let me see if you can think of something while I handle this.”


“Jamie, I’m going to take a shower!” I yelled as I walked through the door.

I didn’t wait for her to respond. I just went down the hall to my bedroom, took off my clothes and jumped into the shower. It felt good to let the hot and steamy water wash the stench of the city off me.

After my shower I came downstairs to find my roommate Jamie and a guy sitting on the couch eating pizza. I didn’t realize she was going to have company. I didn’t want to disturb her so I turned to leave.

“Kay! Come over here,” Jaime yelled. Slightly confused I walked over to the couch where Jamie and her friend were sitting.

“Kay, I have somebody I want you to meet.”

I walked over to the couch not sure if I wanted to meet Jamie’s new flame. It seemed she was going through guys one every week. I worked too much to have any kind of encounter so I had no clue what that felt like. As I approached the couch I had to control my mouth from hanging open. There on the couch was the man from the traffic jam. The sexy guy that laughed at me. His amazing smile brought back all my embarrassment. I knew my eyes had to be as big as saucers.

“Kate this is my brother Calvin.”

Calvin stood and looked at me. It seemed like he didn’t realize who I was. Thank goodness, I thought.

“Hi Calvin, nice to meet you,” I said.

He reached out his hand to me. “Nice to meet you too Kay.”

At Jamie’s insistence, even though I was extremely tired. I joined them on the couch for a movie and some pizza feeling better about my day.

Later that night after we all had gone to bed, I realized I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about Calvin and all the dirty things I wanted to do to him. I noticed him watching me during the movie. One time I caught him looking me up and down. It turned me on and I slipped out early feeling guilty about thinking of sex when I looked at Jaime’s brother.

I decided to get a late night snack and some warm tea. I was hoping that would help me fall asleep. In the kitchen I grabbed a glass from the cabinet and turned to place it on the counter. What I saw behind almost made me jump out of my skin.

Leaning with his elbows on the counter and his face in his hands was Calvin…smiling at me.

“Whoa, you almost made me drop this glass.” I said.

He laughed.

“You are beautiful when you’re scared. Almost as beautiful as you were singing in your car.”

I realized he did remember me.

“So you do remember me.” I said.

“Yes I do,” he said walking over to me. He was so close and I was so turned on. “I also remember wishing I had gotten your phone number.

He leaned in to kiss me.

“What are you doing?” I asked trying to back up only to find I was stuck between him and the counter.

“I want to kiss you.”

“Your Jamie’s brother. We can’t…”

He interrupted me with a passionate kiss. My mind told me to stop but my body continued to kiss him. I let him wrap his arms around my waist and my hands went to his chest feeling the contours of his body.


After my orgasm subsided, I began to panic. I grabbed my panties off the floor and tried to exit the kitchen without a word. He grabbed me.

“Let’s go into the guest room for round two.” He said

My eyes widened.

“Are you crazy?” I held up a hand. “This can never happen again.”

At the moment I realized he was still naked.

“Get dressed.”

I walked out of the kitchen, through the living room and smacked right into Jamie.

“What’s going on?” She asked still rubbing her eyes.

I quickly put my penis behind my back.

“Just getting a late night snack,” I replied realizing I had more of a late night snack than I had anticipated. I didn’t give her time to ask me more questions. I partly jogged down the hallway to my bedroom all the while hoping she didn’t find her brother standing in the kitchen naked.






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