A is for Adele

♫ Hello from the other side…♫

The voice of the singer Adele floated from the speakers mixing with the sound of the wind as I drove and the sweet voice of a 4 year old from the back seat.

My daughter loved this song. I loved it as well. Apparently so did my grandmother as her head swayed back and forth enjoying the melody.

“Do you know this is her third album?” my grandmother asked me.

I nodded trying to focus on the road in front of me. I turned up the radio. The whistling wind was beginning to drown out the music as I picked up speed to match the increased speed limit.

“Her firsNotes 4t album was named ‘19’ because she was 19 when she wrote it,” she told me. “Her second album was ‘21” because she was 21.”

I nodded as I sang along with my daughter. Occasionally at a red light or a stop sign I would take quick looks at my grandmother. She sat staring out at the city she had never seen before taking in the smells, the sights and the sounds.

I thought about the first time my grandmother told me she wanted to visit me. I felt uneasy about the situation. Growing up she was an enigma to me. I was told nothing about her except the fact that she was high maintenance, uppity, and didn’t like kids. I felt she didn’t care to get to know her grandkids and no one not even my grandmother dispelled those feelings.

She felt like a stranger to me and I had no clue how a two week visit from her would turn out. I didn’t know anything about her. My mother never talked about her mother and her life.  I know it was a tumultuous time for both of them but my mother said much about her mother’s life.

♫ I must have called a thousand times…♫

I didn’t know what she liked to eat, to watch on TV or if she even liked to watch TV. I wasn’t sure if she was sensitive to smells or allergic to anything. Is she allergic to the detergent I use? Is she a vegetarian? Is she messy or a neat freak?

I quickly learned she loved ice cream, she was extremely messy and she loved to talk about her life and her past. I learned she had several different wigs even some that had red or purple highlights to match her outfit. She told me about her travels to the Philippines, Alaska, China, Panama and many other places.Notes 5

We had a few things in common. We both liked to watch documentaries, very interested in Greek mythology, Movies based off Dan Brown’s books and seafood.

I also discovered we loved to listen to Adele.

♫ To tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart…♫

“I love her voice,” she said.

I nodded.

“I love her voice too,” I replied.

I sat quietly listening to the music letting the words penetrate my soul wiping away any uneasiness and anxiety I felt about the woman sitting next to me. I was hoping her visit would change and improve our relationship. Hopefully they would no longer be strangers.

Who would have thought Adele would be the start of a new grandmother-granddaughter relationship?


5 thoughts on “A is for Adele

  1. I love this post. It brings out the importance of not living in past conclusions and allowing something or someone to be new to us. It can be such a wonderful surprise when we let go of previously drawn conclusions. This scene you wrote has a softness of heart to it that touched me. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Beautiful post Donnee. You are fortunate to be able to spend time with your grandmother and learn how much you both have in common. Enjoy the rest of her visit.

  3. I am glad you shared this experience. It’s great to reconnect to people and form friendships you never knew would happen. Thanks for sharing your story!

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