The Drama of Sex : What really sells

I have heard from multiple sources that they know exactly why I write erotica.

“It’s because sex sells.”

The first time I heard that I thought about it for a second. It is known that sex whether it be images, videos or sex itself does sell very well in this country. It wouldn’t be farfetched to believe that I choose to write erotica or erotic romance for that reason.

However, anyone that thinks that would be wrong. First, I do not choose what I write. The stories come to me and I just go with the flow. I also write what in the genre I am good at writing.

Secondly, erotic is not about sex. It is about people and relationships and how sex has either enhanced those relationships or broken them apart. The relationships and issues that you read about in my stories are similar to other stories that you see on TV.

For example, look at the most popular shows out today. Scandal, Empire, Grey’s Anatomy are all shows that I see discussed and watched religiously. They are not about sex but if you look closely you can find that sex and issues surrounding it have thrown a few characters around and turned their lives upside down.

In a good story there is controversy and drama and what better to accomplish that then to throw an affair, a sexual betrayal or any sort of sexual intimacy into the mix.

Sex has a way of complicating situations. It is a powerful thing. It can cause people to kill, betray those that they love, throw their lives away or be convinced to discard their values. It can be the bonus of a good and loving relationship or it can be the undoing of people and most often for many of my characters.

I use sex in my stories in accordance with love. Those two together make a dynamite combination of mayhem.

I do not use sex in my stories because I think that it sells better. I use sex in my stories but sex is a part of life and it is a main component in drama and I think that any great story starts with great sex.


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