Ten Tips on Writing an Erotic Romance Novel

I have been writing erotic romance novels for almost a decade now and along the way in my journey I have discovered quite a few things that can enhance and improve an erotic romance novel. In this journey, I have discovered what works and what does not work.

Here are my top 10 tips that should be included or should be considered in producing an outstanding erotic romance novel.

  • Characters need to be realistic. P2IA-COVER-5.5-x-8.5

Readers like to feel that the characters are normal people or are like people they may possibly meet or know. The more realistic a character is the more involved the readers are willing to become a part of their lives and love or hate them. They become invested.

  • The plot needs to be realistic.

A realistic plot does the same as realistic characters. It keeps the readers invested. Even if you happen to be writing a Fantasy Erotic Romance, the plot still needs to be a realistic romance that tugs at the heart strings of the readers.

  • Sex has to be a part of the conflict.

The difference between a romance novel and an erotic romance novel is the sex. Sex has to be the reason the characters are at odds or it needs to be an issue that complicates the situation. There has to be romance.

  • Erotic romance novels need…romance.

In erotica not all stories have to have love or deep emotions. They can, but they do not have to. In an erotic romance novel, you need romance. The main characters need to fall in love either with each other or with another love interest.

  • Main characters have to have flaws yet have redeemable qualities.

The leading man or woman cannot be perfect. It goes back to characters being realistic. Everyone has flaws but it does not make them all bad people. You must portray this in your story. You have to show that they can change for the better.


  • You cannot be afraid to be descriptive and that includes setting and sexual situations

A key to a good erotic novel is the description of the people and the sexual acts. We want to know what the bedroom looks like that they use to make love. We want a description because we need to know that it is good sex.

  • Dialogue has to dominate.

Less narration and more communication. We want to hear what they have to say. We want to hear the sexy words they speak to each other. Plus with romance you want to hear the sweet nothings told by the characters themselves.

  • Sexual encounters can have aspects of fantasy.

Though the plot and the characters should be realistic, the sex can be pure fantasy. When I say fantasy, I mean fantastic sex that we all dream about having. We want great sex almost every time. Obviously we don’t all get that so when we read we want to hear about Amazing sex. Of course there are exceptions that may advance the plot but for the most part, you want incredible sex.

  • Stay away from shock value only scenarios.

Erotic romance novels should have amazing sex but adding extreme sexual acts just for shock value can turn off many readers quickly. If there is no need for it than it would be best to leave it off.

  • Sensuality is important.

Last but never least, sensuality in an erotic romance story is important. Foreplay and sensuality appeals to readers of this genre. Oh, you can have rough sex or even quickies, but it is important to still fit in elements of caressing and soft intimate touching.


Of course, there could be more things you could add in order to improve your novel. Every writer no matter what genre has their own style and their own way of producing a fantastic erotic romance novel.

In this case, I am using my experience and feedback that I’ve received not only from other writers but most importantly from readers of erotic romance. Out of that experience and feedback I hope that you find something that improves and enhances your writing.


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