Adventure for the Writer : Drowning can make you want to write.

It only took a second.

Just a second, for the powerful wave to hit the four of us and knock us from our feet. I hit the sand with a thud and was instantly dragged from the shore.

It felt as if someone or something had grabbed my ankles and was dragging me under.

On one side I saw my oldest daughter and my youngest daughter clinging to each other as they tried to crawl out of the rushing water.

On the other side I saw my middle child being dragged away from me. I heard her voice just as she was pulled under,

“Mommy, help me!”IMG_3812

Those words, no matter what is going on, strikes fear in the heart of any mother. My heart began to race and I knew my child. No amount of swimming lessons was going to stop her from panicking.

“Madyson, grab my hand!” I yelled as the powerful current pulled her from the shore and under the large wave. So much was going through my head as I watched my 7 yr old fight furiously for her life as she struggled against the wave.

She reached out her hand and I grabbed it pulling her to me. She was scared and covered in sand but…she was safe.

My other two daughters were crawling for dear life as a second more powerful wave knocked us back into the foamy sea.

Eventually we were able to crawl out. My 7 yr old was first to make it out and she wasted no time running for her father.

I stopped to help my other two daughters and made sure they were safe.

And so…that is what happened on our last day at the beach.

That is what actually happened on our vacation to Carlsbad ,California.

At least that was my perspective.

My cut and bleeding leg.

If you ask my husband, who was sitting at the top of the sandy hill looking down at us and watching while we struggled, he would tell you about observing his wife and three daughters thrash about on the shore in 5 inch deep water as if they were drowning.

He watched as the wave hit us but he didn’t move.

He just watched. He found the entire incident hilarious.

According to him…we were nowhere close to drowning.

“Daddy I’m dying.” Were words thrown out of my daughter’s mouth as she climbed the hill to run into his arms.

In my struggle to “save” her from the Pacific Ocean, the current drug me and sand scraped across my skin like sand paper on a freshly plastered spot. I was bleeding on my right leg, right butt cheek and foot. We were completely covered in sand and “traumatized” for the moment.

“That’s it for me.” My 7 yr old proclaimed.

“I think I need some gauze or something.” I told my husband and was met with sarcastic words and laughter.IMG_3825

“Man you guys are so dramatic.

After a few moments…we were all laughing at the event. Well, not Madyson. She really thought she was drowning.

Though I was in so much pain, it was actually pretty funny. I think if maybe I had seen the event from my husband’s angle, it may have been a little more entertaining.

The pain, the laughter and the fear was actually something we needed. Nothing brings you closer as a family than near death. (lol)

Before our much needed vacation, I was stressed and completely burned out. I was burned out on people, writing, and just life in general.  We were all feeling this way and needed an adventure or something to get us closer and bounce us right out of our funk.

Being dragged by the current wasn’t the only thing that we experienced. We laughed a lot and we enjoyed the smells and IMG_3908the fresh air. Just sitting on the beach watching the surfers successfully master the waves and sometimes fail miserably felt great. Our spirits were high and we didn’t want to come back home. I wished I had a pen and paper with me to capture it all but I felt pictures were better. My camera would have to do.

Yet, I must say, almost drowning was pretty exciting. Much better than watching TV

Days later we are still laughing about it. Days later we are still fighting to get the sand out of our hair. Yet it was all worth it. Bloody legs and all and tomorrow…we will be going on a new adventure to San Jose, Santa Cruz and San Francisco, CA and we can’t wait.

What waits for us there…


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