Self Publishing is the New Black : Shaking the Stigma

One of my daughters’ favorite stories is The Adventures of Peter Rabbit written by Beatrix Potter. What most people do not know is that…Beatrix Potter self published this classic book.

Book Promotion Guru, John Kremer, has said “You could stock a superb college library or an incredible bookstore just from the books written by the some of the authors who have chosen to self-publish.”

selfpublishWhat he says is true.

Frank Baum, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, William Strunk Jr. and Mark Twain have all self published.

The weird thing is that self publishing can be looked down upon by some. They feel that traditional publishing is the only way to go.  Yet in 2015, self publishing is picking up steam. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma around self publishing.

They say…anyone can just write anything and throw it on Amazon. A real writer goes the traditional route. When you are traditionally published you have put in the work and you deserve to be recognized. You didn’t just write anything and throw it out there. You have put in the work.

That was just a paraphrase, but it is a combination of the many things I have heard about self publishing. A novel, no matter how it was published, needs to be judged on the content and not how whether or not you were rejected a million times before a publisher decides to take your book and rip it apart.

I am not saying that all self published writers are literary geniuses. Yet the same can also be said for traditionself-publish-be-happy-narcissusally published writers. Not every novel I have read, whether it was self published or traditionally published, has been an amazing book.

I don’t want this to seem like I am dismissing traditional publishing. I am happy and proud of those that have chose to take that route. I am proud of all writers that have taken on the difficult task of completing a piece of work. We all work hard whether we have novels, poetry a book of short stories or a memoir.  No matter what route we take.

I started my publishing company because I wanted to be there for writers. I know that it’s so difficult to get published as a first time writer and I know for some it is more important to have your books in other people’s hands, on their Kindle, on their Nooks and their book shelves.

I decided to self publish because I wanted to. I thought about traditionally publishing and self publishing and decided after researching them both that I wanted to self publish.

The point is we all work hard. We know that writing a novel, editing a novel and trying hard to get that novel sold is hard work. As writers we need to be there for all writers and congulate those that have published PERIOD.

I self publish and I am fine with that choice. Sure I don’t make Fifty Shades of Grey money…yet. However, I am happy that my novel is in the hands, Kindle or Nook of thousands of people in the U.S., UK, Japan and France. I want that for every writer no matter how they published. Every writer deserves credit for doing the hard work and accomplish something so amazing.


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