Fiction or Non-Fiction…That is the question

Writing Fiction is my life. Writing non-fiction…not so much.

I consider myself very good at telling stories. I can weave a story together with ease. I have written three novels and working through my fourth and once I am in the zone it seems so easy.

Yet I have had so many people telling me that I should write my own story. They listen to me tell them about things in my life and they all say the same thing.

“You have an amazing story there. You should turn it into a book.”

I always smiled and nodded agreeing with their sentiment. What they didn’t know was that I tried on several occasions and have failed to write my own story. I have started and stopped so many times, it’s crazy. It leaves me frustrated and confused. How can I write all these stories about characters I have made up and yet I cannot write a story about things I have lived and about a character I know better than I know anyone…myself?

I realized that making up stories was my way of escaping from my reality.   It has been very capable for me to relive certain things in my life without telling train, sad and despondent.  There are times that I have sat down with my therapist and discussed issues in my life I have no clue where to start.

It is so much easier for me to work with fictional characters.  It is so refreshing to create new people with new experiences than to live with my own.  I believe that is what has fueled my imagination.  There were so many times I didn’t want to live my life and so I wrote stories and poems filled with people that may have had the same problems I had yet they would have the strength I never had to move on and to deal with those problems or who have people loyal to them that helped them to deal with these issues.

I never knew where to start or what was important.

Do I write about my struggle with Bipolar disorder? Do I write about my family dynamic with my parents and my 8 siblings?

When you write a novel there may be some things you add or things that you take out because you believe the reader may not find them interesting or it may be too much info and it is best that you stream line. How do you make those determinations when it’s your life? How do you determine when it’s your life what is important and what is not? Every aspect of your life is important to you but if you try to tell every story and every heartache you would have an 8,000 page book.

Should I just stick to fiction and stay away from a memoir or an autobiography? Is a non fiction story out of the question?

We will just have wait and see.


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