If you’re happy and you know it…your writing may suffer.


My husband and I were talking about artist and how when they are sad and depressed they can write some of the most amazing songs and when they get out of their depression and either get therapy, rehab, or just move on to a much happier state that their music takes a turn for the worse.

I read it in an article where the comments implied that singers such as Alanis Morrissette and Adele became happy and now their music is not the same quality as before. I thought this was funny because I have on some level thought the same thing about myself at times.

The music you perform or write pulls out a certain emotion with people and sometimes when they listen to you they expect to hear that same sound and feel that same emotion from you. They only read what you wrote or listened to you when they are ready to listen to or read someone that makes them not feel alone. Someone that understands what they feel.

When you change up that music or change the style of your writing drastically, you may lose some of your fan base. Now you may pick up new fans that love your new music. Yet, will that be enough for you to reach the amount of people that you want to.

My husband protested. He didn’t believe that was true for everyone. The singer Pink came out as an R&B singer. I know I have her first album. When it was time for her to do her second album there was less R&B and more rock and roll and a little bit of pop. Now she is just all rock and roll. And yes she lost some fans and broadened her fans base and that worked for her.

I agree. It can work for some singers and writers and sometimes…it doesn’t and it is hard to pick up the pieces.

When I was younger and I used to write I was full of teenage angst and depressed. I wrote amazing poems. There were publications that wanted to feature my work. My teachers were amazed and even encouraged me to translate my poems into other languages. This was throughout middle school and high school. All my poems were about lost friendships, darkness, monsters in my head, unrequited love and death of those I love.

Now that I am older, I have tried to sit down and write poetry the way I used to. It is terrible. I being generous. It is horrendous and I can’t think of a thing anymore. I am not that person I was when I used to write them so my material is gone. I couldn’t adjust to my new found happiness. Not even my hypomanic episodes could produce anything that I would be willing to share in public. It immediately hits the trash can because I can’t stand to look at my epic fail anymore.

question-mark-funny-faceSo, I am not saying that changing genre’s for writers or changing styles of music for musicians will completely effect their careers, but there is a risk that it may be difficult to adjust.

Young singers have the same problem that I had. When they are younger they produce certain songs because at this point they have an age level with their fans. Their music translates to children their age and younger. When these singers grow older, they are now fully fledged sexually active normal adults. They have to change their music to reach other adults. Other adults may not like the new music and they have lost the younger crowd.

It can be difficult to adjust but there are some that have made it happen. Writers that can switch genres with ease and can write whatever whenever they want to and let it be fantastic. I know for sure that for me. Poetry is gone and I have a hard time finding it again.


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