Z is Zealot

There are many things that I feel passionate about but I would never consider myself a zealot. I always thought that a zealot was a person that was a hard core activities for either their religion or politician police.  to me you can be a liberal zealot or a conservative zealot.

Political zealots I don’t have a problem with unless they are so fanatical that they all like “White Power” or “Poor people are lazy moochers or parasites on society” for examples.  I feel strongly about my democratic beliefs and I happen to catch a glimpse Bill O’Reily or Sean Hannity…I shoot the TV and find  a new one. It’s just that simple. I handle it with class and dignity. 🙂  Mabon-71457746718_xlarge

Yet I refuse to push my beliefs onto others. You believe what you want to believe. That is the american way. I express my feelings about politics in the voting booth and if there are injstices that I spot I speak us should every american.

With that being said religious zealots freak me out. They can be some violent and scary people. Ok, I have to add the disclaimer that not ever person with strong unwavering beliefs in thier reigion are not violent or scary people. I am just saying that they scare me.

Here is an example.

I remember going to an inspection with another inspector in Indianapolis, IN. If you didn’t know, I used to be a housing health inspection (EHS) for the Marion County Public Health Department.  My job entailed inspecting homes and neighbor hoods for interior or exterior violations to the Marion County health codes.

Well, another inspector asked me to accompany him to this woman’s house that has accused any man that cam into her home as trying to sexually assault her. When we go there we realized that her windows were covered in dark sheets. She answered the door barely dressed and looked like she stripped all night and had just woken up.

She went into a rant about the house and what was missing and what we need to get the landlord to fix. my eyes could stay away from the scriptures written in hell all over the wall. over and over again. I was so nervous and looking for something to cut this bitch if she went bat shit crazy.

Oh, did i forget to mention that her house was so dark that every bulb was like a 15 watt bulb in all the lamps and even the ones in the wall.

That was one that creeped me out.c83a1c801775b7913f8af6c820071c346e7588a636edaa51dd43e736bd9b0e2b

I feel that members of my own family are religious zealots. They are fanatical and passionate about the bible and their beliefs. if it is not in the bible than it does not exist. They need to convert everyone to the beliefs they hold as true because they want to save lives specifically the lives of the people they love. The bible is the word of God and there is no waning from it. An abomination is an abomination and homosexuality is one of those.

So try telling them you are bisexual.fb835391f26585de13495e13736141a6

I respect their beliefs but they are so strong in them and their way of life they cannot respect what I am and who I identify as. I understand why they feel the way they do and their love for me is a battle with their love for the God that they feel condemns this and would sentence me not only to death but to burn eternally in hell.  They feel I am wicked and they are going  to do whatever is in their power to bring me back to God.

So religious zealots make me feel uncomfortable. i feel like i am not completely safe around them. They will resort to anything to protect their beliefs. I feel that is why we have had Jim Jones, Deaths in Waco and more radical religions where people blindly believe with everything they have in something they would kill for.

So I leave by this code. My mother told me there are three things you never talk to people about. Money, Religion and Politics. I live by that model everyday.


One thought on “Z is Zealot

  1. It’s hard to deal with people whose beliefs are so entrenched they cannot and will not listen to anyone else. A closed mind is a terrible thing. Thanks, Donnee. xoA

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