W is for Writing

W is for writing

“Why are you still writing?” My six-year-old asked me.Snoopy-Writing-Life

I had just completed my finished my 50,000 words. That 50,000 words didn’t come easy so I did spend a lot of time without my family while I was writing it.

I answered her.

“Because writing is my job.” I tell her as I continue to work on my blog.

“Why is writing your job?” She asked me staring me down waiting for her answer.

“Because I am a writer. That is the job I chose.” I said trying to finish writing my post despite all of her incessant questions.

“Can’t you get a real job?” She asked me.

I think I stared at her for about five minutes before ignoring her and going back to writing my blog.amwriting

I Ignore her because she does this to me every two weeks. I know she’s only six but I was very offended and my kids were hurt. I work really hard as a writer. Nobody takes me serious enough around here and think writing is just a hobby. My husband gives me lip service but it can be discouraging when family think you’re just playing around or having fun and don’t take you serious when you tell them you’re pursuing writing as a career.

It is doubly painful when you actually have a book out that is pretty successful and pretty awesome with a four-star on Amazon and 44 reviews.

Maybe it’s because my six-year-old daughter for four years of her life has seen me work a 9 to 5 and write on the side until I was able to take up writing full time.

It makes me feel like people think writing is like how they treat soccer. That soccer’s not a real sport. They believe writing cannot be a real career.

I disagree. I played soccer in high school and writing can be an amazing career. It has been for me.

It irritates me sometimes and it makes me feel like they believe I just sit around doing nothing. However, I left to write and writing is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I recently received four new reviews on my book prohibited on Amazon. That is at least thBHU3213Xfour more people who have read my book.

That’s all that matters to me. Career or hobby, writing, besides my children and my husband, is the most important thing to me in my life. And I plan to do it  for the rest of my life.


3 thoughts on “W is for Writing

  1. I like that you use the discouraging moments to rally yourself and sort of recommit to writing. Writing is already work. And then it has this other complication that we have to defend it as work on top of the already-work we have to do. It’s like having two jobs. Writing. And defending our writing.

    So here’s a double congratulations on your success with your book, Donnee. One for all the work you did writing it. And one for all the work you did staying committed amidst the pressure to “just work on something else.”

    You. Are. Awesome.

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