T is for TMI

So in my family I am the poster child for TMI a.k.a. too much information.

I have a problem with telling too much of my business or more specifically my personal business.

My kids believe that their mom talks too much about her menstrual cycle. My 14-year-old especially hates it. She thinks it is the grossest thing to talk about. She thinks it’s gross if I mentioned that I have a heavy period this week. So I decided to freak her out every time.

“Hey, I’m riding the crimson tide this week.”

“I think by tampon is sliding out” I told her. TMI-Parent-Moments-on-FB

She closes her eyes and grimace at the start.

My husband just shakes his head at me. When I drink it gets worse which is why I don’t drink very often. On top of my potty mouth, I will say things like “my armpits smell terrible” I don’t have an ass. So untitledI want to buy those butt enhancing panties.”

My mother had the same problem. I remember dad looking so appalled. I always found it funny when mom went on and on discussing home remedies to clean your vagina. I would also cover my ears when she used to talk about buying matching bras and panties to show my dad. (Gross)

I vowed I would never be like her. But apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the TMI tree. My husband feels like my dad. He understands his pain. I too have talked to my girls about cleaning their vaginas properly in front of my husband which makes them and him very uncomfortable. I mean moms are supposed to do that. I’m supposed to talk to my girls about those things. My husband just happened to be there.

Oh well. That’s why I’m me. I’m a TMI kind of gal.


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