O is for Opera

When I was in college I met, a young woman named Annie. I thought it was so cute that her name was Annie and she was a petite woman with girly red hair. I repressed my urges to call her “Little Orphan Annie whenever I saw her.

I learned that she was very sweet, compassionate and talented. I am writing her talent about today. She had a beautiful voice and could sing opera with the best of them. She is incredible and I was blessed to have met someone so amazing.

Anyway, I saw a picture of her on face book recently, it made me think of opera, and the first time I went to an opera.

In my community, growing up it was rare that we would get the opportunity to be exposed to the arts outside of the walls of the elementary school building. We may learn about it but to see it live was another thing. Therefore, when our teachers told us we were going to see an opera I was elated. Everyone else in my class moaned. They rather blow their brains out then to sit through a three hour opera.

It was seventh grade and before we went to see the opera, my teacher read to us the plot.  The opera was called Turnadot and it was an Italian opera about a princess named Turnadot that beheads men who want to marry her if they do not answer her three riddles correctly.

A prince comes to town and wants to marry her. His servant refuses to tell the princess his name. They tortured her until she kills herself without revealing the name. The Princess realizes that she is in love with the prince and they live happily ever after. Okay there is missing items in the plot but that is the gist of it. It is a tragic love story that immediately made me excited to see it in action.


Though the opera singers sang all the songs in Italian,  I could still see the beauty in the singing and the clothing. It was so colorful and the setting of the opera was in China so it was such beautiful attire. turandot

My classmates fell asleep or snuck in hand held games. I watched the entire show and lamented when intermission began.  I held my pee afraid that I may miss something.

I will never forget my very first opera and I found that I envied my sorority sister Annie the opera singer .


4 thoughts on “O is for Opera

  1. I love your story of going to see the opera. I’ve never been, although my childhood friend’s father used to play his opera (vinyl) records when I came over to visit. We would talk about the music and voices and how they would tell a story. My friend wasn’t thrilled when I’d hang out with her dad, but today those are fond memories.

  2. I still have never been to an opera, but that’s definitely something on the list. I’ve seen and danced in ballets, watched broadway musicals and listened to live orchestras though. I’m glad that you were able to see one through your school.

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