N is for NaNoWriMo: climbing Mount Everest…in a month

You know how you feel stuck in a rut and so you begin looking for a challenge?  Some people leave the country nanoor go on a road trip. Some people crazy like jump out of a plane or climb a mountain. Well I’m stuck in a rut… a writing rut. I have been looking for a jumpstart. I was looking for my adventure, my Mountain to climb.

Well this year I think I finally found what I was looking for. November is national novel writing month or NaNoWriMo. I like saying that.  NaNoWriMo. The name is fun to say but the challenge is equivalent to getting to the top of Mount Everest… in a month. The obstacle that the writers who accept this challenge have to face is overcoming their fears,  their insecurities, and complete a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.

For me this is the greatest challenge I have ever faced in my life. Only brave writers or masochistic writers tackle ac7c06ef35a71959b153e428bc5aae21this challenge. I may be a little bit of both but I intend to make NaNoWriMo my bitch.

Okay, I know that when I completed my first novel it took me three years and it took me a year for my second and a year for my third.  Therefore, completing a novel in a month seems impossible and downright crazy. I mean I have a house to take care of, kids to take care of and a husband and two cats that also need my attention..

You have to factor in these two facts,

1. I am crazy.

2. I am always an overachiever and therefore when I have a deadline or a challenge…I kick its ass.

So for the month of October I have been training.  I’ve been preparing for my adventure. Tackling NaNoWriMo I think is getting ready to embark upon what I consider to be just like jumping out of a plane or climbing out a mountain or running through the Amazon Rain Forest naked.  Okay maybe not that last one, yet I am determined to win. My reputation is on the line, my heart is on the line and my pride is on the line.

It’s time to get to business.

Shit is about to get real.



6 thoughts on “N is for NaNoWriMo: climbing Mount Everest…in a month

  1. I so admire those of you who are undertaking this challenge…AND continuing with the Blog Challenge! (Maybe we should adjust the months of the challenge to not conflict with NaNoWriMo!) Good luck and have fun!!!

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