L is for Lamb

Mr. Lamb to be exact.

My middle school daughters tell me that incident that happened in her history classes that Mr. Lamb teaches. Mr. Lamb was attempting to teach them about history and current events. Since we live in California if it could be a good thing to talk about past governors and that led to a discussion on our resource make

Mr. Lamb: “So, let’s talk about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger who was a Republican and…”
Student: “Did you know he had an affair with his maid?”
Mr. Lamb: “Yes, but let’s not talk about his personal life. Next question.”
Student: “Did you know he had a love child?”
Mr. Lamb: “No personal questions about him. Next question.”
Student: “Well his love child lives on my street.”
Another student: “To add on to what he was saying…”
Mr. Lamb: “Guys, that’s enough.”

My daughter thought this was a very hilarious situation. I on the other hand saw this as one of the reasons I never became a teacher. I never really wanted to be a teacher, but I always felt pushed in that direction. Growing up, my mom and my other teachers said I would make a great teacher and they looked forward to me majoring in education in college. I have to admit I was very good at helping other students. I was also great in assisting my teachers.

Yet I knew deep down… I do not have the patience. I love kids yet I just can’t be responsible for kids that belong to someone else. The main reason, is because I don’t want to be involved with their parents. I’ve seen those parents who believe their kids do nothing wrong. They are all in the teachers faces screaming that it is the teachers fault and not letting their child take responsibility for their actions.

Plus the thought of being in charge of a classroom full of mopey, smartass, know it all 14-year-olds terrifies me. I have one at home that’s all I need.

So I admit, the scenario was funny. Yet funny like the little child that says something to you that sounds just like something you would say and so you try not to laugh while punishing them. can-stock-photo_csp5364222
That is why I feel teachers deserve the best benefits and more money than they are receiving now. We complain that doctors will no longer give the best care for less pay. Yet we expect our children to get the best education from teachers who are overworked and underpaid.

I cannot be in Mr. Lamb’s shoes. If that were me some profanity would have slipped out and more than one student would have gotten detention (Detention slip for you, Detention slip for you, Detention for everybody.)

I guess that’s why I’m a writer not a teacher.


4 thoughts on “L is for Lamb

  1. “That is why I feel teachers deserve the best benefits and more money than they are receiving now.” I definitely agree with this. I love kids too, but they can get pretty rowdy and, I agree, dealing with their parents is something that I wouldn’t want to do. Great post.

  2. Good post, Donnee. I taught for 34 years, most of it in middle school. I loved the kids and teaching. Yes, I had some high maintenance students — and even more high maintenance parents. But, for the most part, it was a wonderful career. Today, when a former student comes up to me to say hello, I love it. This happened twice this past week. It’s a great feeling to have had a part in this young person’s life. They were my students AND my teachers. I learned so much from them. xoA

  3. Donee, I was also a middle school teacher, so this post was especially meaningful. (I also worked in the district office of the school district that Arnold’s “love child” attended…and wasn’t that a fun day when the press came knocking!) My students were definitely more interested in the news of the day than in their history lessons, so the challenge was always to find ways to make it real and exciting, but I did love the crazy kids…and I bet Mr. lamb does, too. Thanks for the good words about teachers. After a day like his, they need it!

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