J is for Jammies

My husbcropped-custom-header-with-luna-and-mug-lighter-with-robeand, he calls me his superwoman. That sounds really sweet doesn’t it? Yet, he doesn’t call me superwoman because I pick up the kids, clean house, wash the dishes, make dinner, write novels, Run  a successful body scrub company, run a publishing company, write blogs, pick up the kids from school, do the laundry, etc.…

No, he calls me his superwoman because according to him I must have a phone booth in our house somewhere that I use to completely strip out of my day clothes into pajamas in record speed.

Yes, my husband and my kids are fascinated with how fast I can go from looking amazing outside in the public eye and then two seconds from walking in the house I’m in my favorite Jammies.

I love pajamas a.k.a. Jammies. They are the most comfortable Womens-pajamasclothes to wear. They give me a relaxed feeling that I can’t get from any other kind of other clothes. When I am in pajamas, I can relax in comfort and watch TV, write and read.

My six-year-old daughter, she is like her mom. When she enters the door she’s immediately in pajamas (pants are optional).

My husband complains that when he comes home from work he has no idea if I left the house that day because I’m sitting on my couch in pajamas watching TV.

What he doesn’t know is that I’ve been doing everything I just mentioned above and then some. So when I’m home why should I sit 78ce0e8b1eebc4a6c251684f3e13cc5caround in jeans and shirts and things like that when I can be comfortable in my pajamas. He doesn’t get it because when he comes home he still wants to be fully clothed. Sometimes he sits around in his shoes. (Which I never understood.)

He doesn’t like the fact that my kids follow in my footsteps. Everyone is in pajamas by 4 pm unless we have somewhere to go.

No I’m not like those people at Wal-Mart to walk around in pajama pants to go to grocery shopping. When I leave the house, I am looking good. When I come home, I want to be in my pajamas.

It is an amazing thing that I work from home. If I had to work in regular clothes everyday all day I would be miserable.

Jammies (Pajamas) are the best thing in the world. I want to find the man or woman that created them and give them the biggest kiss .



5 thoughts on “J is for Jammies

  1. I love this. My youngest strip faster than anyone I’ve ever seen – then again, I don’t watch too many people strip. 🙂

  2. I agree one hundred percent. I’m in my lounge clothes the second I’m indoors. Even if I have to go out again, I’m in my PJs until I have to leave. I change into my lounge clothes before I put the groceries away after a shopping trip. Clothes are so uncomfortable. PJs all the way.

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