D is for Defeated

I received a message from my sister on my phone. When I opened her message, I saw that it was a picture of an article on face book. Apparently, there was a robbery in Michigan City, Indiana. Four black males robbed three people sitting outside in front of their house. They police arrested two of the suspects and there were still two on the loose.

In the article, there was a mug shot next to it. I was dumbfounded when I saw the face staring back at me. It was one of my nephews.

My mouth dropped open. I was even more heartbroken when I saw that one of the suspects was my other nephew.

My nephews are not the only casualties of a broken society. They come from an area of the world where there is no one to tell them they can be anything they want to be. There seems to be no hope and no way for them to move up in the world.

Yes, they are adults and yes, they need to take responsibilities for their crimes. I am just saying these boys were doomed from birth. Their father was in and out of jail. Uncles, cousins and friends were all doing the wrong thing and therefore they followed in the only footsteps they could.

Where we come from, education is not the best. Governmental funding that is supposed to go to the schools. Yet the Administration, the school board and the superintendent squander and mishandle the money.  There were many instances where the school board members were getting bonuses and taking trips out of the country when my sister was sitting on a garbage can waiting on a desk.

These young people feel trapped with nowhere else to go. There is no one that can afford college and with the amount of student loans you would need could put you in debt for life.  So they turn to the only thing they believe they can be good at…selling drugs to make money or in my nephews cases, robbing others.

You can blame rap music, violent videos games and TV. Rap music and violent video games do not impoverish people. Society does and until we do something about and hold people accountable for it we will continue to breed generation after generation of poor defeated people with nowhere else to go.




7 thoughts on “D is for Defeated

  1. Terrible news. It’s always saddening and frustrating to hear that someone who is family has mis-stepped…and it’s natural to parse the reasons. None of us are immune to circumstance. While I believe in free will and personal responsibility regardless of circumstance…I don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that some people have to deal with harsher circumstances than others and that it makes a difference. Education is, I believe, one of the most essential building blocks for children. Powerful and personal post…thank you for sharing.

  2. Sad, Donnee. And I have seen the same thing, growing up in Detroit. It happened in the 50s, and it’s still happening. The ones who make it out of these places ARE the ones who become educated and who have the winds of encouragement and a hand-up beneath their wings. Thanks for this reminder that we have to invest time and money and positive energy in order to save our young people. xoA

  3. You’ve reminded me that crimes aren’t just victim and assailant, but maybe victim and victim. It’s so easy to judge people. But that’s only possible when I forget how easily I could have been born someone else, somewhere else.

    You’re right. As a society, we’re failing to take care of each other. When the news comes on we point fingers at distant people and congratulate ourselves, as though we wouldn’t make the same decisions in the same circumstances.

    I’m sorry you and your family are dealing with this, Donnee.

  4. Such a tragedy. It’s sad they don’t have better role models and choices to make changes in their lives. It’s easy to forget there are still victims of society and until that changes, nothing else will.

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