C is for Compliments

I am not always a fan of too many compliments but I will take compliments about my kids any day.

Second day of school my 6 year old’s teacher called me over and said,

“Your daughter is fabulous;” she began “I am lucky that she is in my class. Thank you for giving birth to her.”

I received an email from one of my 14 year old’s teachers,IMG_1728


Just wanted to send a quick email letting you know that Myah is a tremendous pleasure to have in class.  She is abundantly helpful and always participates.  I was having difficulty demonstrating an activity in class and she took time out of her lunch to develop a “prototype” so I could show all the other students.


Mrs. Parra

 Then the other day I went to the doctor because I was sick and knew I needed medical attention. I was in the office for about 2hours and 30 minutes and my 3 year old behaved the entire time. Everyone in the office was very impressed. The doctor told me,

“You have done a very good job with her.”

I struggle sometimes wondering if I am a good mom. I wonder if I am doing a good job raising them. I am often busy with writing, going to meetings, going to critique groups on top of the million other things a mom has to do and I wonder if I am paying enough attention to my kids.

I feel guilty when I promise them that as soon as I am done I will read them a bedtime story. Then I get caught up in my story and before I get a chance to make good on my promise, they are fast asleep.  Oh and they remember reminding me in the morning that I never came to kiss them goodnight.

It makes me feel awful.

My husband always tells me that I am a good mom but when I have to tell my kids, ”Mommy is busy” or “Mommy is writing” I feel really guilty.

Yet when I get all these amazing compliments from people about my kids during times when I am not there to push them to do the right thing, they make the choice to behave in class, participate, and become star students.

My three year old is off the chain at home, but when we are in public she behaves without me  having to say anything to her…most of the time.

I feel my job as a mom is to make sure they are good people. I want them to be god human beings that care about the well-being of others and when I am not there they can be successful and involved members of our society. We are going to need great women like them.

So far…looks like I am on the right track.


8 thoughts on “C is for Compliments

  1. I’m not a mom. But I enjoy borrowing the nieces and nephew (then returning them). I cannot imagine the full time job. From the sounds of it you’re doing something right. I think the key is to try hard and not worry too much. 🙂

    1. I agree. Some days i feel bad when I am writing all day and don’t take me three year old to the park. I realized they all she needed was 30 minutes at the park and I was good to go. So…she gets her 30 minutes.

  2. Hello Donnee,
    Very encouraging for me to see an experienced writer and blogger like yourself blogging about family life and personal experiences. Your family appears lovely and you are obviously doing a great “keeping it real” job of raising your daughters. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Being a mom is such a hard job! My kids are all grown up and on their own…and I STILL feel guilt for not always being the very best mom I could be every single day. But it is clear from the comments of the doctors and teachers that you are doing a fine job! I think our children look back and remember the good times and the love much more than they do the little day to day mistakes we make. Thanks for sharing so openly.

  4. Kids tend to push the limits at home, but are better in public when they are raised right. It sounds like you’ve been there for them more than you realize. Yes, you might miss a few goodnight stories and kisses, but in the end you make up for it by encouraging them and being there. You’re fortunate to have such amazing daughters.

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