A is for Amusing

“My mommy drinks this and it taste like garbage. Purple garbage.”

Those were the words of my 3-year-old daughter. She was referring to my Mio drink.

She has no tact when she speaks. Just like when we were at Target picking up my prescriptions waiting in line behind a man with a nose piercing. My little girl took one look at him and loudly asked me,

“Mommy why does he have that in his nose. That’s disgusting.”

My kids are extremely amusing. They make me laugh all the time. What makes it more hilarious is when they sound like me. As you can see the 3 year old is mainly the culprit most of the time. She always has something to say whether it is nice or…well, sometimes very mean.

I noticed the cats broke my picture frame. I was very upset. My three year old told me not to worry about it but I continued to gripe. Finally she looked at me and said,

“Mommy, I said not to worry about it, geez!”

I laughed, tossed the frame in the trash and made breakfast. As funny as it was, she was right…It was nothing to worry about.

My 6 year old was listening to me talk to her older sister and overheard me say,

“What if I said you could only marry black boys?”

My six year old gasped.

“Mommy, then I’ll never get married if we live here.”
I wasn’t expecting that response from her and my 14 year old and I laughed with tears in our eyes.

My teenager tries to be serious but she is no exception. If you ask her how anything ends, a book, a movie, a TV show she always answers,

“Everybody dies” then, laughs hysterically.

I fall for it every time.

She randomly asks her friends questions and when they answer she says,

“So, I don’t care.” And walks away leaving people confused and stunned.
Whenever there’s an awkward silence in her class out of nowhere she calls out,

“I’m black.”

Making the teacher and the rest of the class break into laughter.
I can’t be serious when they are making me laugh constantly. That is a good thing. Before I had children, I didn’t have as much of a sense of humor as I do now and it is hard for me to be upset when they are always saying the craziest things.

They are the most amusing children I have ever encountered and for someone that is very serious it is amusing to me how I created such crazy kids.



5 thoughts on “A is for Amusing

  1. Kids definitely say what’s on their minds without any hesitation. Back in the 80’s my daughter, then two, was staring at a muscular, Black man near the meat counter at the grocery store. She yelled out for everyone to hear, “Look Mom, it’s Mr. T.” I was horrified that he might be offended, but he just looked at us and smiled. Yes, kids can be amusing!

    1. I have a friend whose son watched a kid DVD that showed a mom and a dad that were black. Now when he sees a black man he says “black daddy.” he came over our house and called my husband black daddy. Glad it’s not just my kids.

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