The Erotic Romance Writer Can’t Write…I have Kids

My dream as a child was to write and publish my first novel. I had doubts that my dream would never come true so I worked as a reporter for a year and I discovered that I really hated it. After I graduated from college I worked odd jobs and in between I continued to write working on my first novel. It took me about 5 years to finish that first novel. You know why? I had kids.

In 2008 I gave birth to a daughter and I focused on my pregnancy and working full time so I could help my husband support her when she was born. So I put writing on the back burner.

Once I had the kid…writing was still on the back burner. when she became close to a year I thought I could take more time to write. Then we adopted an 8 year old. and a few years later we had another kid. Finally I decided that not only was I going to finish this novel, I was going to publish this novel myself.

ImageSo I did. I published my first novel and it was such a great feeling. Then I started on my second novel. My middle child asked “You have to write another one?” Umm yes, that’s what writers do. They didn’t much appreciate that I worked during the day on my writing and so they decided to wage war on my writing. How dare I write when I should be playing with them? And that is where it all began. They found all sorts of ways to interrupt me like “We’re hungry, we need dinner.” or “I don’t have any clean clothes.”

There was no end to their evil plan in sight. 

So I have to throw on my armor and fight for what I have wanted to do for my entire life and let nothing get in my way. Oh this will be a hard fought battle, but I shall come out on top. They promise me that their stamina is greater than mine. They have concluded that since I turned 30 on the 1st of March that I am old and weakened. But Mommy is in her prime.

Well, let the battle commence. (Don’t tell them…but I’m a little scared).



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