My New Years Secret Reveal #2: I’m a part of the Dawg Pound

Everyone knows that I graduated from Butler University that happen to be the Butler Bulldogs. That is not the Dawg Pound I am talking about. That wouldn’t be a secret.

This is a secret that I have held close to the vest for a long time.


My secret is: I am a die-hard Cleveland Browns Fan.

Marcus bought me this hat from one of his Business Trips to Cleveland.

Go ahead; tell me how bad they are. Get all your laughs out. I have heard them all.

So can I finish my story now? Ok, here goes.

For as long as I can remember my family has been madly in love with the game of football. We never missed a game and we never missed a Super Bowl. As a matter fact, my mom was a die-hard New York Giants fan and the Super Bowl was very close to her birthday (January 30) so quite often when the New York Giants went to the Super Bowl, we always had a massive Super Bowl party/birthday party for her. Her birthday cake would always say “Happy Birthday Pat! Go Giants”.

When I was 5 years old, my mom and my dad decided to make it a lot more fun by including the kids.  Back in the day they used to have vending machine that held the helmets of every football team.  The helmets also came with stickers that you use to make the helmet look just like the exact helmets the team wore. You know in those machines you don’t always get what you want. So my parents had to spend a lot of money to get every helmet of every team.

Marcus bought me this Jersey for Christmas.

They decided to put the helmets in a bag and let you pick a helmet. Whatever helmet you picked represent you’re the team you are now responsible for. That is your team and the team you will be rooting for.

Well at 5 years old I reached my hand into the bag my dad had with the helmets and I pulled out a white helmet. It looked plain and boring and I was thinking, I don’t want a plain white helmet. My dad said

“If you pick it, you keep it.”

I was so upset. I did not want this white helmet (That I later found out was the colts. Sometimes I wish I had just gone with the white helmet.)  I talked my dad…okay I sweet talked my dad into letting me pick another helmet.

So I reached my hand back into the bag and I pulled out an orange helmet. Well I thought an orange helmet was much better than a white one and honestly that is how I became a Cleveland Browns fan.

I never talk about it, and not a lot of people know but since I was 5 years old I have been a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan. When the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore in the late 1990s, I was devastated. My dad told me I could become a Baltimore Ravens fan. I said hell no. (Okay I didn’t say hail in front of my parents but I clearly made it clear that it was in no)

When they came back, I was glad that I didn’t fall prey to the enemy.

So the Cleveland not the best team but they are my favorite team. When I say I am a Cleveland Browns Fan that means, I hate the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers can kiss my ass (sorry about the language but I really hate them) and, the team I tolerate to an extent, the Cincinnati Bengals.

Just bought this from a family of Browns fans I met here in Bakersfield.

I know the Browns change quarterbacks and coaches like most people change their underwear. There have been years they have traded their draft picks when they desperately needed those draft picks. There have been so many years in a row with their record where their record has always been a losing one. So I have been kind of ashamed to tell people that I am a Cleveland Browns fan. I just don’t want to sit and listen to them talk bad about the team. Only a true fan can do that.

No matter how bad they do, no matter how horrible they may look, no matter how many quarterbacks or coaches they have had, no matter that they just got a new owner,  I will always be a Cleveland Browns fan… Secretly.


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