New Year’s Secret reveal #1: A Singer and Performer at Heart

A long time ago when I was younger my sister and my brother had a competition going on. They both believed that their teams were better than the other. So my sister teamed up with our cousin Mary and my brother teamed up with her Mary’s brother Jesse and our cousin. They practiced and got their routines together.
What my sister didn’t know was that my brother and cousin were sneaking me in the room with them to practice. Image
When the day came for them to test to see who was the best, our entire family was there. The contest was for them to each team to perform and it was up to our family to see who the best was.
Well my sister and my cousin Mary decided to dance to a Bobby Brown song and they did a great job. They just knew they had it in the bag.
Then it was my brother and my Cousin Jesse’s turn to perform. They decided to perform to the MC Hammer song “They put me in the mix”.
Well, they began their performance and suddenly when it was time for the female to sing in the song I came out and sang and performed with them. Now that song came out in 1988 and I was born in 1984. I was 4 when I performed that song with them.
Amidst the protests from my sister and my cousin, my brother and my cousin Jesse won the competition.
That is how my performing and my love of singing began.
When I was in elementary, I performed in my first musical and I was in the choir and band. In middle school I was in the choir and I performed in the city wide Music Festival from elementary to High school.
Also in middle school, I performed on stage and won two third place trophies. I carried that love of singing with me to high school and I performed in two musicals and I was in the choir.
In college I continued to sing. I joined and performed many times with the Butler University’s Gospel Choir called “Voices of Deliverance”. After joining a sorority (Delta Delta Delta) I performed in “Spring Sing” where we got together with a fraternity and performed a musical. I had a solo in that performance. I also won points for my sorority in “Spring Sports Spectacular” by singing “RESPECT” by Aretha Franklin in a Karaoke competition.
Now, I just sing in the shower or sing in the car with my daughters. We love to belt out all the songs that we hear on the radio.
So that’s my secret. I am pretty good singer. Look at the video of me singing below and you be the judge, but if you think I sound bad…lie to me.


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