New Year’s Resolution: Get Rich (I figured that would be easier than losing weight)

When I was in high school, I weighed about 120 pounds. Everyone told me I was extremely skinny and I needed to eat a cheeseburger I needed to put on a little weight. After my freshman year of college I not only put on the freshman 15 but I added 5 more pounds for good measure.

Then sophomore, junior and senior year I didn’t stop gaining. For some reason I just could not stop gaining weight. Okay not for some reason I know the reason. I Fucking love food. It’s is just inevitable that I identify and see out the best foods and the most delicious foods to eat.

After a while I wasn’t happy with myself. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like the weight I had gained. The main issue became that as I gained weight my boobs gained weight. I went from a 36C to 42 D and my back was not happy with that.

My back hurted so bad that I contemplated getting a breast reduction. Of course my husband was not a fan of that but he was a fan of me lifting weights to strengthen my back so that he can keep the size D breast that he loves.

So for a while I went up and down, up and down with my weight. I would lose pounds then gain back those pounds as soon as the diet stopped.  

Of course it didn’t help that had to kids in the process. Before I was pregnant with my first child I lost 20 pounds and I was looking good and felt good. As soon as the doctor told me that I was pregnant and I could no longer diet, I called my sister and husband from the Burger King Drive through.

My family and I are at it again. We all decided that want to lose weight and we want to lose weight for good. (excep


t for my 2-year-old daughter. We all want her to gain weight).

There is another important reason why I have to lose weight.  I have no choice in the matter. I had a physical and found out that my cholesterol is high. My doctor told the key was that I stay away from fast food, fried food and sweets.  My blood pressure was also very high. Because of our family history of heart disease and strokes, it would benefit me to exercise more and to cut back on all the delicious sugary sweets that I so love.

My doctor told me that by the time I hit my 30s I will have to give up fast food. Just hearing the statement brought tears to my eyes. My sweet tooth is much more than the average person. When I was pregnant and I had to take the glucose test, it wa

s a breeze for me…drinking straight glucose. It just tasted like the Kool-Aid I make. My kid told me that was not a good thing.

When I don’t have sweets, I get grumpy and defensive. My husband will say maybe I should put the package of cookies down. He said 4 cookies may be enough and the whole entire pack may be a little too much.

So I hit him with the “so you think I’m fat?”

But you see I forgot who I was married to.

Because my husband doesn’t hold back. “You could stand to lose a few pounds… Okay more than a few pounds.” Is what he replied.

I did not speak to him for two days.

But he is right. He and I, we could stand to lose a few pounds. Yet this year I decided not to make that m

New Year’s resolution. I always make that my New Year’s resolution and I never follow through.

So I decided that I needed to change my mind state and just decide to just eat better and not put the 

pressure on myself by buying expensive equipment and videos that I never use and just eat better, eat less fats and fried foods. Cook better for my family and for myself. I go to the gym three times a week and I take walks with my daughters around the neighborhood.

Because of that, I had to come up with a different New Year’s resolution so this year my resolution is to get rich. I believe I have a better chance of getting rich than getting back to my high school weight.


One thought on “New Year’s Resolution: Get Rich (I figured that would be easier than losing weight)

  1. I was overweight in high school and decided to do something about it. I lost weight and was 112 when I graduated. Eating better and playing tennis daily really helped. Then I got married, had a few kids and … My weight has gone up and down quite a bit over the years. I also found out I had high cholesterol about six months ago. By changing a few things in my diet, it went down 10 points. But, I still crave sweets and goodies. Chocolate… what can I say? RIght now, I weigh the most I’ve ever weighed and I hate it. But I’m trying hard not to hate me.
    I like your philosphy – just make a goal to get rich. Although I am working on eating better, but not beating myself up over a treat once in a while (or even once a day). No matter what my goal is to walk or do some sort of physical activity daily, then my body thanks me. 🙂

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