Don’t Poke the Crazy Writer

ImageJust let me start off like this.

Poking a crazy writer is like poking a Bear.

Do I really have to explain why you shouldn’t do that?

You see the crazy writer over there just staring into space? She has been like that for a while I bet. Are you wondering what she is thinking?

 If you are a newbie and this the first time you have spent this much time with a writer, you may not want to know what she is thinking. It can range from roses and sunshine to how to commit murder and get away with it…just a story idea of course.

Yet most serial killers lived quiet and introverted lives. Very similar to writers…

If you are a veteran, you know not to ask. You know you don’t want to know. You just wait for the next short story or novel to be completed or wait for the writer to come to you.

I like that last one better. Just wait for the writer to come to you.

Writers can be crazy and bothering one when they are in deep thought probably won’t end well for you.

But you feel that you have to bother the writer, even just for a second. You see while she has been staring off into space, she hasn’t eaten,  the kids have been destroying the house, the cat Imageneeds to be fed oh and wait…kids need to eat too, the laundry isn’t done, the floor isn’t swept.

What have they been doing all day?

Sound advice: If you mention that any of those things need to be done and interrupt the writer from a great idea they almost had for a novel…I’m just going to refer you to the Bear scenario. It will end about the same.

It may seem like they have been doing nothing for the past hour that they have been sitting there just drifting off into space but in reality they are dreaming up people, inventing new worlds, listening intently to the voices in their head…voices that we like to call “characters”.

I advise you to enjoy this time when the writer is silent and thinking. It is the eye of the storm. It’s your only chance to get out now while you still have a chance.

Because when the storm begins to rev up and the winds start to pick up…there won’t be a safe person in the house.

So, if you are married to a writer heed my advice. Do not annoy the crazy writer. She just might bite.




One thought on “Don’t Poke the Crazy Writer

  1. Great post. Yes, as we sit and stare into space the little voices in our head are plotting and planning their next moves. 🙂

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